PH RawX Wants Rappers To Stop Using The Words “B*tch & N*gga”

PH RawX calls on rappers to stop using words like "B**ch & N**ga"

RawX calls on rappers, male and female to stop using the words “B**ch & N**ga” in their music.

Is it too late to turn back now? Mzansi rapper, RawX is trying to fix something the world has become so used to. That’s got us wondering if he’ll even achieve that.

The talented Hip-hop star recently launched his new show MasterClass and it featured guest, Rouge. On the first episode of the show, he tackled the use of words like “B**ch & N**ga” by rappers in music. Of course he has used them too but the talented muso revealed he’s taking steps away from it.

According to him, “Men treat women racists treat black people”. He also asked a question wondering if songs wouldn’t have the same impact if the words weren’t used. He added,

Seems So many female rappers, if not all, have adopted the title – “BITCH”. I’ve never been comfortable with that word, using it or hearing it… but it hits more when I hear women calling eachother that…the same way we call each other nigga. I FEAR WE LOOSING THE PLOT”

We have no idea if he’s biting more than he can chew on this one. Let us know what you think.