Pictures: Oskido, Kwesta & Others at DJ Ganyani’s Birthday Party

Having friends is one thing. Having friends who will look out for you, support you and show up for you might be the ultimate benediction in any relationship. Mzansi disc jockey and producer DJ Ganyani has got some real ones.

Well, that was what became apparent when he celebrated his birthday recently. Kwesta, Oskido and several other friends showed up to celebrate his big day with him,

It was a moment of good food, good company and good music, and everyone had a wonderful time. At the end of the day, DJ Ganyani could not help but reflect on what a birthday means.

In a post to his verified page, the songster had noted that birthdays signify many things, including new beginnings and noticeable growth. He’s grateful for the journey so far, especially because he’s celebrating this moment with friends.

Well, he might not be the one grabbing all the headlines, but DJ Ganyani is one of the key voices in South African music – a voice we think you should hear if you haven’t heard it already.

For now, though, you might want to join us as we raise a glass to the celebrant. Here’s to more years in health.

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