Powerball Lotto Dishes R127 Million Jackpot

Powerball dishes a whopping R127 million jackpot to winners on Friday.

Imagine winning millions of Rand in one day. Well, it isn’t just imagination because that happens with the Powerball Lotto. Yesterday, the popular Powerball Jackpot offered a huge amount of money, R127 million, and urged fans to buy their tickets to taste the money.

They could either play online via the Powerball website or the mobile app downloaded on their phones. It seemed too good to be true, but at the end of the day, a winner was announced.

The official account announced the Power bank draw results showing the winning numbers to be (02, 14, 19, 24, 39) (Powerball 09), and (04, 07, 21, 23, 25) (Powerball 07). The winners snagged R440,099.80, R325.90, R20.20, and R5.00. A Powerball Jackpot winner was also announced, and the dividends were revealed. Twitter users have flooded congratulations to the winner of the jackpot.

Many have called it ingenuine, while some believe that people win. Others have shared what they would do which such an amount of money. The next Powerball and PowerballPlus estimated Jackpots for Tuesday, May 24th, has been revealed to be R6 million and R9 million. You can buy tickets to play via the official website or download the mobile app to do it on your phone.

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