President Macron’s Big Warning To France’s Unvaccinated

The population of French citizens that have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 might be in for a sanction from the country’s president Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking to France’s Le Parisien newspaper, the millennial president noted that he intends to continue to piss off the unvaccinated until they get vaccinated like the rest of the population.

President Macron made the statement after opposition MPs delayed a bill on COVID-19 passes. The bill had reportedly angered vaccine opponents, with some people opposed to the bill claiming they had received death threats.

Macron said that he had no plans to vaccinate people by force but he’ll see to it that the access to activities in social life life will be limited for the unvaccinated.

The president insisted that from January 15, the unvaccinated will no longer be able to go to places like the cinema, restaurants, coffee shops, theaters, etc.

A section of country had condemned the language he used during the interview, noting it was very bad to have come from the president.

Macron remains undaunted, though. It remains to be seen how effective the restrictions on the unvaccinated will be. France is one of several countries in the actively championing for people to get vaccinated.

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