Priddy Ugly Done With Sophomore Album

Apparently Priddy ugly is done with his sophomore album and is set to release it.

The “EGYPT” star announced on Twitter two days ago that he was done with his album. What’s left is for him to release it to fans. He gave no release date for the project, however; nor did he share the tracklist with fans.

At any rate, having informed fans he was done with the project, he had provoked a fever of expectancy. Some of his fans informed him, in response to his tweet, that they are ready for the album. Others made it known they cannot wait to listen to the project.

As the leading South African music and entertainment blog, you can count on us to share the album with you on release. In order not to miss it, you might want to follow our social media channels and stay tuned for updates.

Priddy Ugly last released an album titled “GOAT (Glory On Any Territory) in 2019. It remains to be seen if the imminent album will trump the last one in musical appeal.

Well, have you any expectations regarding the album Priddy Ugly said is done? You may want to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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