Priddy Ugly Reacts To Musa Khawula’s “Struggling Rapper” Claims

Controversial blogger Khawula has described Priddy Ugly as a “Struggling rapper,” but what does the “EGYPT” chanter has to say about the verdict? 

In a tweet on September 18, had shared a clip of a BMW, noting it was Priddy Ugly’s, and he was showing off his latest acquisition. He called Priddy Ugly a struggling rapper turned stay-at-home dad. 

The songster had retweeted the post with a comment. He laughed at Musa’s description of him, noting he’s sending the blogger love and light. He ended up saying he was praying for the blogger. You can check out his post below. 


Priddy Ugly’s response wouldn’t surprise those who really know him. The songster has a well-documented habit of not getting into unnecessary fights with people, although they may have wronged him first. He’s a man of peace but knows when to unsheathe his sword. 

The songster recently released a compilation dubbed “MUD,” which was well received.

Beyond the music, the songster is gearing up for a boxing match with fellow rapper in what has been dubbed Celebrity Boxing Match. Er, what if he should ask for a match? That would be all shades of exciting. Lol

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