Prince Kaybee On Set, Displays His DJ Talent With “Banomoya”

Prince Kaybee shows off his DJ skills with "Banomoya"

shows off his DJing skills with some “Banomoya”.

Talented SA producer, is one very skilled celebrity who knows just how talented he is. The popular beat maker has really earned a huge reputation as one of the biggest and most celebrated producers in all of Mzansi but he doesn’t really show off his DJing skills as much.

Lucky for us, he just did. In a much recent post shared over the weekend, the hitmaker is seen manipulating the turntables and decks in the most skilled manner. His song “Banomoya” plays as he does so.

Boy, are we glad for the whole bowl of talent that is Prince Kaybee. Last week, the popular producer shared a song he produced many years back which is quite the listen. He really is one to share a lot because he also showed off his production process, and referred to himself as the slowest producer in the business.

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