Prince Kaybee Remembers Former Girlfriend Who Suffered With Him

Prince Kaybee shares a story of his ex girlfriend with his followers.

Popular South African musician, Prince Kaybee, has taken his fans down a memory lane as he narrates a short story of his former girlfriend and how she endured sufferings with him.

The popular DJ narrated that the worst part of their relationship was that he had to stay at her place because of his financial condition. However, he settled her nicely after he got a good financial upgrade.

Prince Kaybee further said that even till present, if his former lover requests help from him, he would be willing to assist her.

The short story Prince Kaybee narrated sees him as a very nice man and his followers are very proud of him.

Prince Kaybee wrote:

Funny because I had the same girlfriend, she used to do the same for me, even worse I was staying at her place, but soon as I got my shit together she was NICELY rewarded. Even today though we not together I don’t see myself not helping her if she reaches out.

Prince Kaybee recently revealed how he produces his famous songs on his social media page.

The ‘Uwrongo’ hitmaker is known for releasing hit songs that trend for months. In a recent post, the skilled producer shared with his fans what it entails to produce his hit songs.

Prince Kaybee shared a picture of himself that was taken when he was working in the studio.

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