Prince Kaybee Supports Protesting Students, Applauded But Dragged For Not Wearing Mask

A campaign demanding the slashing of fees trended in South recently. While some students and other interested parties for the slashing of fees, others insisted on free education.

“Fetch Your Life” star Prince Kaybee was in favour of students protesting exorbitant cost of education as well as the call that fees should fall. He reportedly joined the protesting students and was captured on television.

In the clip, he could be seen among students but with no face mask on. These got social media denizens talking. While applauding him for joining a noble advocacy, many criticized him for not wearing a mask.

In the time of coronavirus, and with South apparently showing a new strain of the virus, one of the measure of controlling the spread, according to experts, is the adoption of face masks.

Prince kaybee shared a clip of him among the protesting students, letting it be known that he is inspired the courage of sstudents amid flying police bullets. By the way, in the heat of the protests, which goes by the hashtag #WitsProtest, a passerby had been shot and killed, leading to outrage in South Africa.

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