Prince Kaybee Urged To Feature AKA On His New Beat (Video)

Afro star, Prince Kaybee has been urged by Mzansi to AKA on his new beat.

We might be getting a massive collab between two of the country’s biggest stars. And of course, we have the people (or the ones on Twitter) to thank for that.

It all began when Kaybee posted a beat he had been working on to and fans couldn’t get enough of it. It also gave everyone an idea, and they suggested that he Supa Mega on it. It was almost a unanimous decision that the SA star should be the one featured on the beat.

Even Kaybee’s pal, star, Donald agrees with the people. The unplanned vote caused the “Cross My Heart” star to trend on social media. Hopefully, the message was well received and we get a Prince Kaybee and AKA Collab sometime this year. That would be nuts.

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