Privation to Plenty: Check Out DJ Sbu’s Epic Throwback Pic

South African disc jockey and producer DJ Sbu is a man with a story – that of struggle to ease, privation to plenty.

Now and then, DJ Sbu, who readily calls himself a hustler, would share motivational quotes with his social media followers, encouraging them on the paths to their dreams.

His most recent motivational post, however, got fans talking about the strides he’s made as a person so far. In a recent tweet, DJ Sbu, who currently holds a Guinness World Record, had shared an image of him before he became rich and famous. He was in what appears like a crummy room but looking optimistic. In the caption to the tweet, he noted that we all start somewhere. He urged his followers not to despise their little beginnings.

The picture provoked an interesting debate among his followers, with some of them commending the obvious transformation that has taken place since the picture was taken.

DJ Sbu is a strong believer in vision. And, besides pursuing his, he has been encouraging others in the path to living the lives they have always wanted. The songster owns MoFaya energy drink, as well as other business ventures. He once shared an anecdote of how he used a gym in the United States without paying.

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