Protests, Parades, & Parties: Pride Month Kicks Off Around The World

June is here and with it comes Pride Month – a period when those who identify as part of the LGBTIQ celebrate their identity the way they see fit, as well as protest the assaults directed at the community and its members.

How the June Pride Month Came About

Centuries ago, it was taboo to identify as gay ad some people even went to prison for their identity. One of the most famous of such was the celebrated novelist Oscar Wilde. But the world had evolved and continues to evolve.

The “Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day” march of 197- set the tone for what is today known as Pride Month. It was a pivotal moment in the struggle for an open identity without fear, and since then the Pride community has continued to grow, reaching new members and acquiring new rights and visibility.

Of course, despite the growth, not everyone would accept Pride Communities because they think them unnatural and just aberrant. But then the Pride Community is holding its ground, doing what it feels best to project its identity and protect its members’ interests.

It’s Pride and it back to the same old advocacy for the gay community across the United States and other parts of the world.

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