Proverb Talks Relationship With His And Why She Did Not Attend His Wedding

Proverb talks about his relationship with his mother in his new memoir and why she didnt attend his wedding.

If you haven’t read Proverb’s recently released memoir, The Book Of Proverb, you’re honestly missing out. The Hip Hop and radio star is telling literally everything about his life in the new book.

He also opens up about his relationship with his mother. It isn’t what you’d expect, because they’ve had their ups and downs as a family. According to him, his mom wasn’t in approval of him having a child out of wedlock. He revealed that she chose not to attend his wedding to his ex, Onelarona Moreo even when the child hadn’t been born yet.

He also shared that she later warmed back up to him after a while, but walked away during his divorce because she didn’t like how he handled things. She finally reached out to him two years later after reading an article about him in the paper. They communicate often since then.

We had periods were we wouldn’t talk to each other, and during my divorce we drifted further apart because she wasn’t happy with how things transpired”

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