Qwabe Twins Provoke Speculation With Wedding Clip – Watch

Has one of the Qwabe twins gotten married? That’s one question that’s burning on the lips of many fans out there following the clip the sisters shared on their verified Instagram page.

In the said clip, one of the sisters could be seen in a wedding dress. The other appeared emotional and teary, unwilling to let go of his sister. The caption to the post reads [two crying emojis] and “Muhle ujehova.” Translated from the Zulu, it means “God is Good.”

While fans are confused as to whether one of the sisters is getting married, previous posts suggest that it might be part of the music video that the sister (Viggy and Virginia) had worked on in collaboration with Inkabi Records boss Big Zulu.

This view is especially reinforced because the sisters are most unwilling to do things separately. This much played out during the 15th season of Idols SA. One of the sisters was booted out of the competition, and the other decided to go as well.

In all likelihood, when it’s time to get married, the sisters would get married on the same day.

Anyway, among fans, speculations continue on whether one of the sisters is getting married. Stay tuned.

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