R50 Million Ransom Allegedly Paid To Secure The Release of The Kidnapped Moti Brothers

A ransom of R50 million was allegedly paid to secure the release of the Moti brothers, Zidan, 7, Zayyad, 11, Alaan, 13, and Zia, 15.

The four, while being driven from their Limpopo home to the Curro Heuwelkruin School, had been abducted by gunmen. The date was October 20. For the next three weeks, they were held hostage while the kidnappers negotiated with the family, which was then frantic with worry.

In the third week, the frantic family was alerted that the boys were dropped off in a car in a neighborhood.

Taking to Facebook, the family, via its company’s page, noted with delight that the brothers have been released. Soon after, news hit town that a hefty ransom was paid to free the brothers from the kidnappers then.

The family denied ransom was paid to have the brothers released. However, according to News 24, citing anonymous sources close to the case, including police officers, a ransom of R50 million was paid to secure the boys’ release.

With the Moti family denying that ransom was paid to have the boys released, speculations are rife that besides the payment, another key to having the boys freed was their parents keeping mum on ransom payment. Which way, Mzansi?

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