Rape Allegation: Euphonik Criticized For Comments On Feminism

has been severely criticized by social media users for his comment on Feminism following the throwing out of the rape case against him and DJ Fresh. 

A lady called Madikizela had accused him and DJ Fresh of raping her and her friends in 2011 during a time out, filing a case against the two at a police station. 

In a tweet days ago, following the throwing out of the case, had shouted out what he called “toxic feminist brigade,” denouncing them as delusional liars who can’t distinguish fact from fiction. He insisted he could never have raped his accuser because he never met her. 

His tweet elicited mixed reactions, with some fans describing it as embarrassing. The DJ would not be silenced, though. 

In other  news, media Commentator Phil Mphela recently advised DJ Fresh and to stop tweeting and dropping statements to try to prove their innocence in that it isn’t doing their case any good. 

had responded asking him to keep his advise to himself and take it whenever he becomes just as great and is falsely accused of rape. 

Well, what do you think of Euphonik’s thoughts on Feminism and his response to Phil Mphela? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below

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