Rashid Kay Raises Alarm Over NOTA’s Mental Health, Address Claims He Did Nothing For Big Zulu & Gigi Lamayne

Notable rapper Rashid Kay has responded to music executive Lavida NOTA’s claim that he didn’t do anything for Gigi Lamyane and Big Zulu, two rappers whose careers he somehow influenced.

Rashid Kay spoke during a conversation with Gigi Lamayne and spilt the tea on his relationship with NOTA and what the latter said about him during an interview.

According to Rashid Kay, NOTA has mental problems that most people are unaware of. He pointed to a time his ex-wife Berita had tweeted that NOTA doesn’t listen to anyone – not his ex-wife and not his family. No one.

He also recalled the time he met NOTA for the first time, saying it was during the days of the now-defunct record label RapLyf. He noted that he met NOTA at the airport, and for the two hours of the flight, NOTA was the only one who spoke.

Continuing, he said most people giving NOTA a platform through their blogs are unaware of his serious mental challenges and that they shouldn’t be surprised if they should wake up one day to the news that he had killed himself.

Last we checked, NOTA hasn’t responded to Rashid Kay. But you can count on him to react soon enough.

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