Real Reason Simon Cowell Is Not Talking On AGT

If you have been wondering why Simon Cowell has not been talking on America’s Got Talent (AGT), you are not alone. But there is finally an answer to that question.

Well, it turned out the reality show judge had issues with his voice and had to take vocal rest – stay silent and not speak.

AGHT is currently in its 18th season and, as expected, all eyes are on the judges to see how they judge contestants on the show. As the lead judge, all eyes are understandably on Simon Cowell. so his not speaking has got many Americans wondering.

by his own admission, speaking to USA Today, he had an unforeseen health issue. He discovered something got such in his throat and he lost his voice as a result. He’d seen his GP and got some recommendations, including vocal rest.

So, while he might show up on the judging panel, he might not necessarily speak. It is unclear how long until he gets back to speaking on the panel again. But one thing is clear so far – the public has shown great concern about him, and many have been wishing him a quick recovery after he addressed the reason why he has been unable to speak on the judging panel of AGT.

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