#RHOLagos: Viewers Talk CHioma’s Perennial Lateness, Iyabo’s Class, Carolyna

After a less than impressive start – according to viewers – the Real Housewives of Lagos is clearly charming the viewers at this point because they can’t stop talking about it and picking their faves.

In the second episode of the show, was the centre of attention because many viewers thought she was not only beautiful but knows charm fans without becoming a nuisance.

At this point, though, some peeps are already getting tired of her habit of coming, keeping others waiting. And they made it clear that she should learn to respect other people’s time – or else don’t show up at all.

One thing about is that she always stands out in her dressing. And oh, Laura thinks the “Good Hair” boss is trying to intimidate her – a reason for a chuckle among some viewers.

Carolyna was also singled out for her tardiness. But the lashes she got from viewers were not as many and not as severe as what got. Still, the overwhelming opinion is that both were disrespectful for arriving almost five hours late.

Iyabo is beginning to into the good books of viewers as some now consider her unproblematic and adept at minding her own business and having a good time.

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