Rick Ross States Conditions For 50 Cent’s Use Of “BMF” In Crime Series

Rick Ross has offered a business deal to his compatriot 50 Cent. But will the G Unit honcho take it? Back in 2010 Rick Ross had released a song titled “BMF,” which didn’t do badly at the time.

Recently, indicated interest in using the song for his Black Mafia Family crime series. His interest is welcome to Rozay, who provides one condition to let have the song for the series.

Rick Ross would love to promote his chicken wings in order to use the song. He said he had told 50 Cent that already. “I told him that. He could go to Wingstop and take a picture of a 10-piece Lemon Pepper [chicken wings] and while you at it, take a picture with a Black bottle [of Belaire].”

Rick Rock is said to be the owner of 25 Wingstop, with over 130 franchises outside the United States. He is also a promoter of Belaire. This apparently informed his quid quo offer to his compatriot and fellow rapper.

If should do Rozay’s bidding and record it all and share on his social media channels, then they have a deal. “BMF” would be available for use in 50 Cent’s crime series. Sounds fairly straightforward?  Watch the clip below.

Well, what do you think of Rick Ross’s offer? Will take it? You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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