Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Share First Photos Of Their Family With Newborn Son Riot Rose

For fans of American rapper A$AP Rocky and his Barbadian singer girlfriend Rihanna who have been angling to see the pictures of their newborn son, that dream is finally fulfilled. the celebrity has just released family photos with the newborn – for the first time.

In one of the pictures shared, Rocky could be seen carrying his boys on each arm. Although not exactly visible in the picture, Rihanna’s presence in the same environment is unmistakable – her outstretched arms.

In another picture, they could be seen looming over their newborn son (since named Riot Rose) who was lying on his back in a room. The kid looked pleased and focused on both parents who were themselves happy to be where they were with their son.

In yet another image, the kid could be seen in the same position that mother and father had loomed over him previously. Rocky rocked the baby alone in a different environment, with neither Rihanna nor their first son RZA anywhere in the picture. You can check them out below.

Rihanna and A$ASP Rocky’s relationship has been of great interest to the public since they started dating. And although rumours had circulated in the bef=ginning that he cheated on her and she was waiting to give birth to their first child before ditching him, they have remained together.

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