Rihanna Says She Wasn’t Planning to Have a Child But…

Rihanna might be pregnant with her first child and happy to be, but it has since emerged that she didn’t plan for the pregnancy, and neither did her boyfriend A$AP Rocky. But they’re happy about the pregnancy anyway. 

Rihanna has always been a subject for soft sell magazines. However, the announcement of her pregnancy “broke” the internet. Only a day after People magazine shared several pictures of her rocking her baby bump on a New York Street did she officially share her pregnancy photos. 

She’s been making fashion statements with the pregnancy since then, and fans appear to be loving it every step of the way. 

Her pregnancy was the subject of a special cover by Vogue magazine. In her interview appearance, she had touched on her pregnancy and several other aspects of her life. 

On the pregnancy, she noted she wasn’t planning to have a child and wasn’t against having one when she took it. So she’s somewhere in the middle, a neutral spot. 

She recalled calling A$AP Rocky from the doctor’s and informing him about the pregnancy. Now expectations are fevered over the imminent birth.

While her pregnancy reverberated across the world, it’s expected her giving birth would be the more significant news.

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