Rihanna Talks New Music and Having Children

Rihanna talks about her musical career and raising children.

In the May issue of British Vogue, award-winning Barbadian singer, Rihanna, recently talked about new music and raising children.

The ‘Umbrella’ crooner, who is currently working on her long-awaited ninth album, talked about how her fans are expecting from her upcoming album.

The pop icon revealed:

I can’t say when I’m going to drop. But I am very aggressively working on music. I don’t want my albums to feel like themes. There are no rules. There’s no format. There’s just good music, and if I feel it, I’m putting it out. I feel like I have no boundaries. I’ve done everything- I’ve done all the hits, I’ve tried every genre- now I’m just, I’m wide open. I can make anything that I want.

On family, Rihanna revealed that she plans on having children.

She said:

I’ll have kids- three or four of ‘em.

Rihanna further stated that she is not scared of raising the children on her own. She revealed that she choose happiness over what the society will say.

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