Riky Rick And His Family Enjoy Their Vacation In Bali, Indonesia

Riky Rick goes on a vacation with his family!

had rapped about how he craved to spend memorable moments with his family. His wife, Bianca, was someone he was really looking forward to spending more time with. This was mentioned in a song with Mlindo The Vocalist.

The rapper seemed to have turned his desire into a reality as he is currently having a great time with his family in Bali, Indonesia.

talks about the challenges in his marriage through his social media pages and music. He is appreciative of his wife’s continued patience.

2020 will remain a wonderful year for the Makhado family as they enjoy their vacation in Indonesia!

The Fergusons are another great family teaching us the importance of family goals. The family of five had enjoyed their vacation in Dubai. See pictures from their vacation below:

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