Riky Rick Releases Cotton Fest Movie

SA star, releases the movie.

Honestly, we dont know how to feel about this. The pandemic has brought a halt to so much in the country including music events. Things haven’t been as they used to be. We can’t attend Riky Rick’s and that’s a huge bummer.

However, the “Mali Eningi” star is has given fans something to hold on to for now. He recently shared the movie. Yes, you read that right. The 9 minute long movie features actors Kieran Zeeberg, Justin Geswindt, Ricky Koen and more.

The short length movie features stage performances, great dialogue, and more. This will make you want to be at the festival. The comments section on IG was flooded with good reactions to the movie. Some fans revealed that it made them miss the event. Hopefully, all this nightmare ends soon and the country opens up again.

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