Riky Rick Replies Claims That He Predicted The Coronavirus Outbreak

Riky Rick reacts to claims that he predicted the Coronavirus outbreak

Rapper, Riky Rick replies claims that he predicted the Coronavirus outbreak.

The initial reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak reaching Mzansi was certainly not what everyone expected. Especially on social media. Instead of a panic, everyone on social media had a great time sharing memes and hilarious photos in reaction to the news. Guess no one had time to panic.

Somehow, Mzansi rapper found himself in the mix. It may as well be his fault that he did. When you’re so perfect with your fashion sense, of course, many would surely make reference to the things you wear. Well, that’s Riky’s crime.

Back in 2018, the Cotton Fest headliner showed to the South African Music Awards in what looked like a face mask. Now, it has been compared to the recent trend where everyone wears face masks for protection from the virus. While everyone found the comparison funny, the rapper didn’t so much. His reaction proved he didn’t.

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