Riky Rick Says The Game Failed Flabba & HHP

Riky Ricky talks about how the game failed Flabba and HHP.

It is no secret that people celebrate artists more after they have passed on than while they were alive. This is quite noticeable in Hip Hop because that’s when people get to really figure out what their music was all about.

Appearing on Reason’s “Rhymes & Reasons” show, Riky Rick opened up about Flabba and HHP’s contribution to the game and how they were overlooked when they were alive. He opened up about how his music has been inspired by fallen legends in Hip Hop, including Tupac Shakur, and the aforementioned rappers.

Apparently, Tupac inspired his “Family Values” album, and Flabba’s style and sound was a huge inspiration for some of his unreleased music. According to him, people only truly understand the verses of a rapper’s music after they’re dead. This of course is true, and it usually happens in Hip Hop.

He’s quoted saying,

All these verses and all – it means nothing until we actually die, it’s all until someone digs up to find ‘what this guy was actually going through’. For me Flabba is like…some of my songs i haven’t put out or released are still inspired by Flabba’s spirit.”

That ability to be a hood king , that character that comes with a bubblegum smack sh*t that will f*ck you up and still come with a grimy beat and still sound dope. You will never be considered the best lyricist but you the guy that came through and merged the street between underground nigg*s and commercial nigg*s – they could respect you for building the platform.

“HHP built the fuck*n platform – he’s a legend in both games. I feel like my niggas didn’t get the love before they died”