RIP J Molley, The Big Hash Says As He Records A Diss Response For The Ongoing Beef

The Big Hash says "RIP J Molley" as he replies him with a new diss song

The Big Hash says “RIP J Molley” as he replies with a new diss song.

The SA Hip-hop scene is laced with feuds that we can’t seem to get enough of. Each day, a new one comes up and we pick sides based on who we think is better at dropping diss tracks.

Last week, The Big Hash took to social media to call out J Molley asking for a freestyle battle and refusing to do the catalogue battle everyone is into right now. Not one to let it slide, J Molley replied with scathing tweets and later on followed up with a diss freestyle titled “Pall bearer”.

Now, The Big Hash is dishing it back in like manner. The “Amnesia” hit maker recently shared a video of a diss aimed at Molley tagging him to the post with a caption that said “RIP” to his ego. Sincerely, this is getting even more interesting.

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