Robbers Broke Into TNS’ Home

Robbers reportedly broke into TNS's home

Robbers reportedly broke into TNS’s home while he was away for work.

Is it just us or has there been many cases of robberies reported by artistes this year already? It has been crazy reading the stories of many artistes in Mzansi who have had run-ins with armed robbers and also had their houses broken into.

Mzansi hit maker, just joined the of the victims. Remember, he had shared a video of himself playing his upcoming for his baby before he left for a show. Apparently, robbers broke into his while he was away and stole his laptops.

The music producer shared the news via his Instagram on Sunday, 15 March stating that he got back to find out that his had been broken into. Of course, fans took to the comments section reveal their shock and also to sympathize with him. We do hope his files are safe.