Rouge Acknowledges Gigi Lamayne Talent

Rouge hypes Gigi Lamayne, says she can "rap rap"

Rouge hypes Gigi Lamayne’s rap skills and says she “can rap, like rap rap”.

If you have ever looked down on Mzansi rapper, Gigi Lamayne, then you’re probably one of the people Rouge was referring to in her recent tweet. The “One By One” rapper who has been enjoying the success of the AKA collab recently took to Twitter to hype her fellow rapper, Lamayne.

According to her “Gigi Lamayne can rap. Like rap rap“. Well, it doesn’t get any better than that. Rouge has spoken, and we agree with her. Gigi has been consistent since she hit the scene. Her delivery has been top notch even with all that she’s been through.

Since the lockdown began, she’s also consistently entertained fans with freestyles and good music. We can’t but stan her. So when Rouge says, she’s great at what she does, we join the queue and sing her praises.

John Jabulani

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