Rouge Details Nadia Nakai “Beef”

Is beefing fellow rapper ? This has been the question on the lips of fans for a long time. Some fans will even tell you confidently that there is a beef between the two artistes.

However, in a recent interview with on his podcast Podcast and Chill With , the rapper denied having a beef with the “Yass Bitch” rapper. She admitted, nonetheless, that they aren’t friends.

She said the assumption that there is bad blood between them is totally false, but people are thinking in that direction because she is doing great at her end and is equally doing great at her own end but the two have not been found together.

She said life pushed them in different directions and they have different circles. However, she would readily say a “Hi” to the Family Tree rapper if they should run into each other anywhere.

She says it is frustrating and annoying seeing people trying to create a beef between them where none exists. Her words: “Honestly speaking, there is no beef. There is no problem between Nadia and I. It gets really frustrating, the fact that people are trying to create that. It’s very very annoying.”

On why she hasn’t collaborated with Nadia Nakai, stated that it just hasn’t happened. However she has no problem working with Nadia Nakai when the opportunity pops

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