Rouge Shows Off Her Singing Skills

Rouges shows off her beautiful vocals

Rouge shows off her amazing singing abilities.

Mzansi rapper, Rouge may have had very disappointing views on her rap battle last week but she’s making the most out of the lockdown and living her best life. She’s been giving her fans quite an entertaining show since the lockdown began and it’s been quite the show.

She recently took to her page to show off her incredible vocal skills. Trust us, you will be blown away because she can SING. The rapper took a step away from bars and dished some sweet vocals, enough to have her fans begging for more.

Hopefully, we get to see more of that in the coming episode of Castle Lite Unlocks “In Bed With” hosted by Sway Colloway which is expected to feature Stogie T and her.  We all can’t wait to see that go down on Wednesday, 22 April. Everyone knows that Rouge is pure fire.

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