RSAWeb Suffers Massive Outage

Cape Town-based internet service provider RSAWeb suffered a massive outage on Wednesday, February 1.

According to a report by Money Web, for most of the day on Wednesday, RSAWeb suffered a major outage, and the company confirmed that it led to the complete or partial loss of connection for its clients across the country.

Money Web reports that they had announced, that morning, a service-impacting event on their cloud, which was affecting customers all over the country.

Around that time, the company released a memo that read, “As the process of restoration is delicate, priority has been given to connectivity services, following which we will systematically work to restore complex services such as Mobile APN and Cloud.” It also noted that it could take some time to restore services.

More info shared by the company later that day on Twitter revealed that RSAWeb engineers were still working on restoring services. They also announced that the support team had received “positive customer feedback of partial service restoration.”

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