Sannah Mchunu On Having 5 Kids At 21, And Advice For Young People

At 21, most ladies are still trying to find their feet, but South African actress Sannah Mchunu has a different story altogether. At that age, she already had five children. Now somewhat older, she has seven children in all. Yeah, 7. 

Five kids at 21 is a great responsibility. But she appeared to have managed things well and even became one of the the popular SOUTH African actresses and an inspiration to many eager to leap into the same industry. 

During a recent interview, she revealed that she got pregnant as a team, and by 21 she already had children with different fathers. Looking back, she has learned a lot from her experience and has words of advice for other young girls. 

According to her, she does not encourage giving birth at a young age. She, however, urged young girls to pursue their dreams before thinking of starting a family and giving birth. 

Sannah Mchunu, famous for many flicks, is one of South Africa’s notable actresses, so her being the person passing the message will likely resonate with many young people. To her credit, she has many people who listen to her. But if they would actually listen to this specific admonition is a different case altogether. 

At any rate, she had made her point. 

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