SAPS On AKA’s Murder “We Have An Idea Who Those People Might Be”

SAPS says they have an idea who the two men who murdered AKA and Tibz might be.

The country is mourning the death of SA Hip Hop icon AKA. The “Fela In Versace” was killed in Durban while he was out celebrating with friends. CCTV footage has shown his murder and partially revealed the faces of the people who shot AKA and his best friend.

In a recently released statement, SAPS says that while they haven’t made any arrests yet, they have an idea who the two men in the footage might be. They said, “The video confirms reports from police which state that “Information at police’s disposal at this stage indicate that the men were walking towards their vehicle from a restaurant when they were allegedly approached by two armed suspects who walked to them from across the street and shot the victims at close range. The suspects are reported to have fled from the scene on foot.”


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