Sarah Langa Shocks Mzansi With Photo Of Her Chilling With F1 Billionaire Toto Wolff In Viral Photo

Famous Mzansi influencer Sarah LANGA has left Mzansi shocked after posting a viral photo of herself chilling with Austrian billionaire and motorsport executive Toto Wolff.

When you have friends in high places, the world has no choice but to accord you the respect you deserve. Shout out to Mzansi Influencer Sarah Langa, who just proved she is no ordinary girl with a photo Mzansi can’t stop talking about.

Fans were stunned when the star posted a photo of herself chilling with Austrian billionaire and motorsport executive, and former F1 star Toto Wolff. The photo seemed quite intimate as the billionaire had a hand on her shoulder. According to Forbes, Toto Wolff is an Austrian billionaire motorsport executive, investor, and former racing driver.

He has a staggering net worth of $1.1bn. The photo was taken while the brand influencer attended the F1 events in Monaco. We also hear that she rubbed shoulders with big names like Lewis Hamilton, who was present at the event.

Impressed fans have taken to social media to comment their delight at the brand influencer’s high standards. They shared that they had no idea she had friends in high places. It was previously reported that Langa had moved to the UK for better career opportunities and to be with her new mystery bae. We are wondering if the bae is the Austrian billionaire. Who knows?

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