Saudi Defines “Greatness” In Music

Saudi defines "Greatness" in Music in new post

Saudi defines greatness in music in a recent video uploaded on Instagram.

Who knew SA rapper, Saudi was so wise? Well, we sorta did. We, and a whole lot of fans who love and appreciate his music. The rapper is getting his wise pants on in a recent video uploaded on Instagram.

When listing some of the brilliant rappers on the SA Hip-hop scene right now, Saudi always comes to mind. The rapper has shown the country just how much he deserves respect for his dope music, and how much potential he’s got to do and achieve more.

He previously got out bloods pumping right with the hot mixtape, “The Drips Leak”. He’s also revealed that he is currently working on new music, which we have no idea if they are dropping soon. The new video is as insightful as you’d expect and has got some words you’d really want to hear.

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