Saudi Reacts To Ambitiouz Entertainment Claiming Him After Separation

Saudi reacts Ambitiouz Entertainment saying he's still with them

Saudi reacts to claims by Ambitiouz Entertainment that he’s still with them even after split.

Is it just us or has Ambitiouz Entertainment been starting trouble on purpose? The label is popular for the things their former artists have said about them. They have also constantly been in the news for their many twars with Emtee.

Since Saudi announced he had left the label, we haven’t heard anything about a feud between him and them. Not too long ago, a fan had asked the rapper if he had any problems with the label but he revealed that he didn’t. We wonder if that will still be his answer after this recent development.

In a recent Q&A with AE on Twitter #AskAmbitiouz, a follower asked if Saudi was still with the label, and they replied “YES”. Reacting to the reply, the Hip-hop star called it the “Joke Of The Year” adding laughter emojis.

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