Saudi Talks “The Drip’s Leak”, Working With Emtee And Sjava

Rapper, Saudi finally touches on some matters like “The Drip’s leak” and working on projects with Sjava and Emtee.

Since Saudi’s exit from his former record label he has always wanted to voice out on some issues and he finally had the chance to do so as he talks fully on his recently released body of work.

Saudi in the interview talked extensively on life after leaving his former record label and life before and after attaining fame. He spoke about the issues that led to his exit from former record label.

The “There She Go” crooner also talked on what the future holds for him and talked on the possibility of him releasing projects with former label mates Sjava and Emtee.

Watch the video below;

The rapper recently cleared the air that there is no beef between him and Emtee, as the two were seen posting each other’s pics on Twitter.

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