Sbu Noah says government officials should take the Covid-19 vaccine before anyone

star, says government officials should take the COVID-19 vaccine before anyone does.

You know how rulers used to lead by example in the past? wants that re-enacted, and honestly, we dont think it’s a bad idea. The star recently took to his page to share his 2 cent on the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccination slated to begin next month.

In his opinion, the vaccines should first be given to government officials before it gets to the masses. Oh, and there’s more. He would also want a month gap to see how perfectly it works before people start getting vaccinated. In his own words, the officials should lead by example.

Actually, there’s a lot of sense in that. It would even be more fun if the vaccination process was televised to inspire everyone else to follow. We would really love to hear what the government thinks about this.