Sbu Noah’s Mentor Said He Wouldn’t Make It in Music

Sbu Noah said his mentor told him he couldn't sing

artiste, Sbu Noah reveals his mentor told him he wouldn’t make it doing music.

We all have heard hurtful things about ourselves from the people we love. One way or the other, people you look up to would have told you hurtful things about yourself which you’d find hard to forget.

music star, Sbu Noah has come clean about an encounter he had that almost broke him when he was starting out. The memorable singer, recently shared a video of American singer, discussing some of her struggles. Mind you, J.Lo recently performed at the Superbowl Halftime show with Shakira.

Sharing the video, Sbu recounted when a mentor of his told him a while back that he couldn’t sing. According to him, it came as a shock hearing it from someone he looked up to. But he didn’t let it break it, kept on pushing and look where he is now.

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