Scoop Makhathini Weighs In On K.O.’s Brotherly Advice to Nasty C

South African rapper K.O. recently advised his younger compatriot Nasty C on the way forward. That piece of advice has elicited mixed reactions from many in the music industry and even from the denizens of Twitter and Facebook.

The bloke advised, the “Zulu Man With Some Power” and “EAZY” rapper Nasty C, has brushed aside the advice, stating he doesn’t need any from K.O., who is part of the OG in South Africa’s music industry.

Radio host and music commentator Scoop Makhathini has weighed in on the issue, stating Nasty C was right in spurning K.O.’s advice. He described the advice from K.O. as pretty tricky, as K.O. and Nasty C are not friends and have no existing relationship whatsoever.

Stating he is conversant with the advice terrain, Scoop Makhathini added it is somewhat clumsy for an old guard who has no relationship with Nasty C, and has never mentioned his name previously or even commended his efforts pre-fame, to now drop words of advice.

Well, what do you think of K.O.’s advice, Nasty C’s response and Scoop Makhathini’s take on the whole issue? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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