Shimza Say His Restaurant The Hang Awt 1632 Opens 22 August

The coronavirus pandemic checked the world’s acceleration briefly, but it appears the world is accelerating again. Nations are opening their borders and resuming flights, businesses are reopening, and people are trying to regain lost momentum…

The South African disc jockey and producer Shimza’s café, The Hang Awt, is one of the businesses set to reopen. The café had to close months back as a result of the coronavirus and the lockdown measures and restrictions it spawned across the world.

According to Shimza, who had co-founded the Lockdown house party following the outbreak of the coronavirus, The Hang Awt, also called The Hang Awt 1632, will reopen next week, Saturday 22 August 2020.

He announced the reopening of the café via his verified Instagram page two ays ago. According to the “Dark Caves” DJ, patrons should wash and sanitize their hands and wear a mask.

The announcement of the reopening follows Shimza’s joining of the #LightSAred campaign to draw attention to the challenges faced by the entertainment industry following the imposition of lockdown measures in South Africa.

Well, if you are a fan of the outdoors and you’re in the Tembisa area, you may want to head out to the hang Awt next week for a good time. Your choice. Or not.

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