Sho Madjozi Remarks That Believing Her Sister Is Dead Is A Difficult Thing To Do

Sho Madjozi still finds it difficult to come to terms with the death of her sister, Makhanani Maganye.

Sho Madjozi, the award-winning musician and hitmaker of ‘John Cena’, expresses the difficulties she is facing with accepting the death of his sister on Twitter. She said that her sister’s death is something she could hardly believe.

You guys did not mention that the toughest thing after losing someone close to you is believing it. That the biggest effort will be spent suppressing the hope that there’s been a mistake, that the person is going to reappear somehow and that life will go back normal.

She concluded by saying that since she had no power to change what had happened, she needed to accept it.

Her sister, Makhanani lost her life in a car accident which happened on the 17th of December, 2019.

Sho Madjozi has shared pictures of quality time spent with her sister on social media platforms, with captions the deeply expressed how much love she has for her late sister.


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