Sho Madjozi Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her New EP ‘What A Life’

Sho Madjozi opens up about the inspiration behind her new EP in recent interview.

Sho Madjozi’s rise to the top is one that we are all very proud of. The Mzansi star debuted her own style of music a while back and has since gained recognition all over Africa and the world.

The Xitsonga artists is also known to always represent where she’s from. Last month, she dropped her highly anticipated EP “What A Life”, and it has since become a success all over the country and in various other countries. In a recent chat with DailySun, she opened up about the inspiration behind the project.

According to her, she’s finally certain about what she wants her music to be about. Like many other artists, the Mzansi reflected well on this during the pandemic. She also revealed that the EP is a celebratory project because she’s finally where she’s always wanted to be.

So this is a celebratory project, I’m celebrating as well as giving thanks because finally now I can say I am living the life I have imagined for years. With this project I had a lot of time because of lockdown and I got to think really hard about what is it exactly what I want to do.”

“With this project I want to pay respect to where I come from cause I am deeply rooted. I’ve also given artists the spotlight and hopefully they get to be as successful as I am,” 

Speaking about featuring one of the most renowned legends, Dr Thomas Chauke, she said;

It’s not a coincidence that he became a legend that he is today within the music space and Tsonga culture.”

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