Sinazo Yolwa Celebrates 1 Month Anniversary With Girlfriend In New Video – Watch

Love is a beautiful thing especially when one is with the right partner. Not surprisingly, when people are happy in their relationship, they usually go all out to celebrate it. That has been the case with Sinazo Yolwa, who recently clocked a month in her relationship with her girlfriend.

In a recent tweet, Sinazo had given fans a clue about her relationship, noting how she had gotten her new lover on the first day of this year – a blessing she loves and remains thankful for.

The clip she shared showed the couple alone and together, enjoying each other’s company and posing for photographs. They looked happy together – something most of those in the comments readily acknowledged. You can check out her tweet below.

Some tweeps who saw the post were not only chuffed for the couple but shared the hope of being similarly loved and having the best of their lives with someone who truly values them.

A woman having another woman as a lover is nothing novel. South Africa happens to be one of the few countries in Africa where there is generally a higher percentage of acceptance of gay couples.

Well, congratulations are in order for Sinazo and her lover.

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