Siv Ngesi Debuts Drag Pride Month Performance

Mzansi actor Siv Ngesi debuts his drag alter ego’s pride month performance on social media.

In a few days, Pride month will be over, but actor Siv Ngesi is making sure he celebrates it in the best way he knows how. The famous actor first got lots of criticism when he announced his love for drag. But he has powered through.

We hear he found support from South African drag artist Manila von Tez who he refers to as his drag mother, according to TimesLIVE. Siv is celebrating Pride Month with a full performance from his drag alter ego, Sivanna, on social media.

He announced the performance on his Instagram account with the message “Sharing Sivanna’s full performance on Monday for #PrideMonth” and revealing his love for drag. He also credited Manila von Tez for contributing significantly to Sivanna’s clothing, voice work, body movement, and more. Watch the full performance below.

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