Six Gun Spices Brand Has Mzansi Talking

There are spices brands and there are spices brands. That’s what most people will tell you anyway. And for South African fans of Six Fun, the spice is the real thing.

And because Mzansi appears chuffed with the season brand right now and everyone is talking about it, the brand is trending. All good.

According to one big fan of the Six Gun brand, the seasoning from the brand is the why most couples stay together. 

The joke is clear enough. With the seasoning Six Gun, every cook out there is and might end up retaining their spouses on account of their culinary expertise.

While Six Gun has fans out there who are pushing the brand, some social media users think that the brand was just overhyped and that there’s nothing exceptional about it.

Either way, on social media, the Six Gun brand has got guns blazing, and Mzansi is seriously paying attention to that brand. That was the idea all along.

Six Gun is one of several South African brands leveraging the power of facial media to take its message to town. In its ambitions, it has obviously been succeeding. Else it wouldn’t have been so much of a big deal.

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