Sizwe Dhlomo Defends Anele Mdoda After The Kiffness Calls Out Her Support For Malema Over Controversial Video

Sizwe Dhlomo Expresses Conceren On The State Of South African Hip Hop

South African media personality Sizwe Dhlomo and his musician compatriot The Kiffness recently had a back-and-forth over Dhlomo’s colleague Anele Mdoda’s open admiration for Julius Malema, leader of the controversial collective Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Anele Mdoda had shared a picture of Julius Malema at the EFF 10th anniversary celebration while showing her admiration for the controversial political figure.

Malema had provoked outrage recently over a clip in which he could be seen chanting alongside his followers for the killing of the Boer (whites). So serious was the video that Twitter boss Elon Musk commented about it and asked President Ramaphosa on Twitter whether he would sit and not do anything about Malema’s utterances.

The Kiffness feels that Anele Mdoda, as a public figure, should have been more circumspect about openly praising a man who had called for genocide against a minority group. Offende by her post, he has asked that his music be taken down from the playlist of the station where Anele Mdoda plays.

Sizwe Dhlomo, a friend of Anele, had popped into the conversation, indicating in his reply that the station would not miss The Kiffness’ music as there is a trove to play from. You can check out the conversation below.