Sizwe Dhlomo Hails DA Mayor Pappas For Exceptional Leadership In KwaZulu-Natal

Christopher Pappas is the first Democrat Alliance Mayor of KwaZulu-Natal, a personal milestone that is not lost on many who are paying attention, including media personality Sizwe Dhlomo.

The Kaya FM host is so impressed by what Pappas is doing for KZN that he showed him love publicly, describing him as a ninja who has done so much for his community in just eighteen months. Now, that;’s something to inspire in an environment where inspiration appears to be lacking.

It turned out that other South African shared similar sentiments about Pappas and most showed him love in Sizwe Dhlomo’s comment section as well.

Some tweeps used the post as an opportunity to lambast the ruling African National Congress (ANC). On tweeter noted how easily progress is being made as the ANC isn’t on the ground to steal taxes.

Another shared an image of Pappas and his team, noting in the caption that the politician visited their mall at the ICC in Durban to find out how the government can proffer solutions to the problems being faced there. You can check out Sizwe Dhlomo’s post below.

One thing is clear from Sizwe Dhlomo’s post: When you are doing the work, you will most likely get the support of the people.

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